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Small town video arcade wizard Tommie Jones dreams of becoming a real hero until her B‑movie plot turns upside down. It’s The Last Starfighter meets Pippin!




Beneath the nonstop comedy and dancing in the aisles, this show is about the very current struggle to overcome traditional good guy/bad guy fantasies and recognize others as people.


Small town video arcade wizard Tommie Jones daydreams her strict teacher, boring parents, big sister Stella, and Stella’s boyfriend Rick into a B-movie fantasy with herself as the teen who saves the day. When Martians land on her family’s farm and infiltrate her school’s Halloween dance looking for women, Tommie’s video game skills are the only thing standing between Earth and destruction or worse. But Martian Z genuinely falls for Stella, creating a crisis at the moment of Tommie’s triumph when Rick shoots him. The fight between a happy ending where the good guys foil the bad guys’ evil plot, and a happy ending where they all reject division to find interplanetary love, gets increasingly absurd building to a final confrontation on Mars where Rick loses the fight. But Rick is just the little man in Tommie’s video game who can live again for a quarter, and as her parents explain, she has the power to imagine an ending that leaves everybody happy.

Cast of Characters

Tommie JonesThe World’s Most Maladjusted Youth, video arcade wizard
Stella Starbeam JonesTommie’s big sister, The World’s most Beautiful Girl, who wants more
Rick Cosmosthe Hero of the franchise, of which Stella is the leading lady
Narratora disembodied voice, secretly dreams of being a rap star
Mrs. JonesThe World’s Most Boring Parent, can never remember Mr. Jones’ first name
Mr. JonesThe World’s Other Most Boring Parent, can never remember Mrs. Jones’ first name
Miss FillyfaddleThe World’s Strictest Teacher, who Tommie sees as a Victorian schoolmarm
The Grand High Muck-Muck of Marsthe Green Thing boss, falls for Miss Fillyfaddle
Dr. Julius FizzenzapThe World’s Most Brilliant Scientist, who Tommie assumes is foreign
Decoya pheromone-doused Martian android created to distract Rick, falls for Dr. Fizzenzap
Debbiea girl in Tommie’s class, falls for X
Susiea girl in Tommie’s class, falls for Y
Xa Green Thing looking for women, falls for Debbie
Ya Green Thing looking for women, falls for Susie
Za Green Thing looking for love, falls for Stella

May be performed by 6 women and 6 men by double-casting Miss Fillyfaddle / Mrs. Jones, and Narrator / Dr. Fizzenzap / Mr. Jones. Supporting characters are gender-flexible. Color-conscious casting is intended. Dr. Fizzenzap should have an accent consistent with the actor’s heritage. Please do not make everyone from Earth white and everyone from Mars non-white.


About The Author

Daniel E. Biemer has been a satirical songwriting superhero for over fifteen years, with three albums, multiple Fringe Festival shows, even an uncredited cameo on America’s Got Talent. He grew up in Louisville Kentucky, spent many years in Chicago and its multiracial Hyde Park Neighborhood, and is currently based in Valparaiso Indiana.

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