“Little Shop of Horrors meets The Last Starfighter with girl power.”

Two conflicting fantasies in search of a happy ending.

When Martians invade her school’s Halloween dance, a small town video gamer must choose between her drive to be a hero and the happiness of everyone she knows.


On a fateful Halloween in the 1980s, Tommie Jones dreams of escaping her strict teacher, boring parents, and dazzling older sister Stella to become a hero like Stella’s boyfriend Rick Cosmos.

When Martians land on her farm and infiltrate her school looking for women, her video game skills may be the only thing standing between Earth and destruction.

But her fantasy gets complicated when the Green Things turn out to be kind of fun and she glimpses the reality behind shooting video game foes.

The struggle between good guy/bad guy heroism and empathy intensifies as Stella leaves Rick for Green Thing Z, and Rick and Tommie are powerless to stop her.

But Rick is just the little man in Tommie’s video game who can live again for a quarter, and she has the power to imagine an ending that leaves everybody happy.

Narrator (B)a disembodied voice, Rod Sterling style
Tommie Jones (S)The World’s Most Maladjusted Youth and video game wizard
Debbie (MS)a girl in her class
Susie (A)a girl in her class
Miss Fillyfaddle (S)a Victorian schoolmarm
X (BR)a Green Thing looking for women
Y (B)a Green Thing looking for women
Z (T)a Green Thing looking for love
The Grand High Muck-Muck of Mars (T)the Green Thing boss
Rick Cosmos (BR)the Hero of the franchise
Stella Starbeam Jones (A)The World’s most Beautiful Girl (who wants to be more)
Mrs. Jones (S)The World’s Most Boring Parent
Mr. Jones (B)The World’s Other Most Boring Parent
Dr. Julius Fizzenzap (B)The World’s Most Brilliant Scientist
Decoy (S)a pheromone-doused Martian android

Double-casting: Miss Fillyfaddle/ Mrs. Jones, and Narrator/ Dr. Fizzenzap/ Mr. Jones. The Narrator may also be pre-recorded. The chorus may be expanded to include Green Things P, D, Q and whatever girls’ names desired.

Genders may be changed for the Narrator, Dr. Fizzenzap (Julia), or Mr. Jones (call both parents Mrs. Jones). If not double-cast, Miss Fillyfaddle may be a man in drag.

  • Demo recordings in progress
  • Min 6 men 6 women
  • Scored for Keyboards, Bass, Drums
  • Instrumental recordings included
  • Logo art included